I looked out of the window last night at about 10pm and it was snowing as if it was January! This morning most of it has gone however the view from my office is one of Vitosha mountain white over – very strange considering it’s April 14th.

However every cloud has a silver lining because this weather is making me feel like cooking a hearty warming dish for dinner tonight. We haven’t had curry for a while so I’ll be raiding the cupboard for some of Mrs. Pataks products.

I really fancy Chicken Madras, this dish is named after the city of Madras – which is now called Chennai – and is the populous capital of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This one is a spicy tomato based curry with the spices of coriander, cumin, turmeric and chilli. It is super easy, I will use about a quarter of a jar of Patak’s Madras curry paste, as the spices have already been blended, all I’ll need to add is the chicken, an onion, a can of tomatoes and some water.  Serve piping hot with naan bread, pickles & chutney.
Very easy…. but amazingly good.


Pick up Mrs Pataks products from Andy’s Foods


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