Taste of home - Andy shows off some of his extensive range of British & international delicacies

My name’s Andy Sowray – originally a farmer from the North of England, I have also spent 20 years working in the alcohol business for major international companies, seven of which were spent managing business in Bulgaria.

I’m married to Maya from Bansko and we have two young children and live in Sofia. I’m passionate about food – not just eating, it but more importantly creating it from naturally good ingredients.

Having lived overseas for 10 years I know that we all miss a few things from home no matter how long we have been away and it seems that good old fashioned bacon and sausages are on most people’s list, mine too!

I’ve therefore recreated them here in Bulgaria from original recipes just the way you like them; and you can be sure that I only use the freshest natural ingredients.

For the sausages that means whole cuts of meat, not trimmings, delicate herbs, freshly ground spices and natural casings.
Our bacon is made from choice loin of pork, it is dry cured with our unique curing mix, this is basically sea salt, saltpetre and sugar, that’s it. No added water, chemicals, colourings or anything else.

We are Sofia’s first online imported food shop, we specialise in British food but also try to provider those little essentials for other nationalities too!

Eating is one of the pleasures of life and if possible we consume foods we enjoy and avoid those we dislike. It has been shown that eating favourite foods can stimulate the release of ß-endorphins, which are known to enhance mood.

In other words, the right type of food, at the right time, in the right company, makes us all feel good!

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