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Yorkshire Tea 80's

Price: 8.50 лв

Yorkshire Tea 250g - loose

A proper brew. Pure and simple. To give this blend its refreshing flavour, strength and colour they use top quality Assam and African teas. In the tea trade Taylor's are renowned for paying more to get the pick of the crop. Their experts travel the world to find the people who grow the best teas, More Info »
Price: 10.00 лв

Wychwood Hobgoblin Ruby Beer 500ml

Full bodied and well balanced with a chocolate toffee malt flavour. Moderate bitterness & a distinctive fruity character & ruby red glow.   5.2% alcohol by volume.
Price: 5.50 лв

Whitakers Coffee Cremes125g

Fondant centres enrobed in dark chocolate.
Price: 3.70 лв

Warburtons Crumpets 6's

Price: 4.95 лв

Wagon Wheels

6 individually wrapped biscuits with mallow and a chocolate flavoured coating.
Price: 3.50 лв2.00 лв

Vimto Fizzy 330ml

Price: 2.00 лв

Unsmoked back bacon 200g

Price: 4.95 лв

Typhoo tea 40's

Great British tea since 1903.
Price: 4.50 лв

Typhoo One Cup Decaf. 80's

Great British tea since 1903. 80 foil fresh teabags.
Price: 8.50 лв

Typhoo One Cup 100's

Great British tea since 1903 100 foil fresh bags.
Price: 8.50 лв

Twiglets Original 45g

Jacobs Twiglets - they're satisfyingly 89% fat free! Extremely crunchy! Hazardously knobbly! The original marmite flavoured wheat snack.
Price: 1.50 лв

Tetley One Cup 76's

Price: 8.50 лв

Terry's Chocolate Orange bars 3 x 35g

3 delicious milk chocolate bars, made with real orange oil.
Price: 3.50 лв

Terry's Chocolate Orange 157g

Twenty delicious segments of milk chocolate flavoured with the essence of real juicy oranges.
Price: 6.99 лв

Sweet Italian sausage 500g

Andy's Sweet Italian sausages are made from the finest cuts of pork shoulder and enriched with fennel, red wine, fresh garlic and herbs. More Info »
Price: 7.50 лв
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