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Warburtons Crumpets 6's

Price: 4.95 лв

Unsmoked back bacon 200g

Price: 4.95 лв

Sweet Italian sausage 500g

Andy's Sweet Italian sausages are made from the finest cuts of pork shoulder and enriched with fennel, red wine, fresh garlic and herbs. More Info »
Price: 7.50 лв

Stobart's Pork Pies 4's

Price: 8.00 лв

Smoked Rindless Back Bacon 200g

Expertly sliced and carefully packed. This superb smoked bacon is sourced from 8mm rindless backs which are then traditionally smoked using beech wood chips for a wonderful taste.
Price: 4.95 лв

Pukka All Steak Pie

Chunks of steak in a rich gravy, in a light puff pastry case. The best selling pie in UK supermarkets. Not too popular with vegetarians.
Price: 4.80 лв

Pork & Rosemary sausages 500g

Italian style, made from coarse cut pork, plenty of fresh rosemary and a little seasoning.   Juicy & tasty like sausages should be.
Price: 3.83 лв

Danish Back Bacon 2.27kgs

Price: 45.00 лв

Chipolata 500g

Price: 7.50 лв

Black Pudding 454g

Price: 5.00 лв